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G'day,  Stan and Anton
- Great suggestions, Anton
An afterthought - Jazz may have started in NO, but even pre-1920 it was well established in California.  King Oliver's band was there in 1920-22, Jelly Roll Morton was there in 1919 as was Kid Ory, who's "Sunshine" band recorded there in 1919, making it the first real black jazz band to record. (AAvailable on CD reissue I think, although they didn't do St Louis Blues, which Anton notes was really a pop tune - but jazz is a musical approach to a tune, not the tune itself. Some tunes are more suitable material than others, depending on the players' talents and style.
Best wishes
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Hello Stan

A most interesting project! The "early New Orleans style(s)" is/are
missing on record because the tune is essentially a tin-pan alley dance
number. When viewed in chronological context, the Bessie Smith/Louis
Armstrong recording of January 1925 is an anomaly.

If you'll have time to consider early recordings, the following are
available on CD:

Prince's Band (the 1st recording), December 1915
James Europe's US Infantry Band, March 1919
ODJB, May 1921
WC Handy, January 1922
Jimmie Joy Maloney, October 1923

All the best,

On 6/05/2012 01:39, Stan Brager wrote:
> I've been asked to teach the history of jazz as part of a music appreciation
> class which concentrates on "Classical Music". The class would last 1 to 1.5
> hours. It will be done using "St. Louis Blues" to illustrate the various
> stages of jazz. Missing would be the early New Orleans style(s). Would it be
> safe to say that Bunk Johnson or George Lewis circa the '40s - '60s would be
> appropriate? What about the NO marching bands?

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