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> "Jack Mitchell" <fjmitch at westnet.com.au>
> The days are long gone (I hope) when jazz musicians were regarded as 
> less skilled than others, but I think this little snippet is worth 
> relating.
> Classical pianist Murray Perahia was interviewed in his London home by 
> Margaret Throsby of Sydney. It was published as an article in 
> LIMELIGHT magazine for April, 2012. Mr. Perahia lamented the fact that 
> music students today don't necessarily learn the fundamentals of 
> music. He went on to say "I think we're shamed as classical musicians 
> by jazz musicians, because they know it much better than we do. They 
> know their harmony in a way that classical musicians don't have any 
> idea about. Some violinists don't even know what key they're playin 
> in!"

Steve wrote, referring to classical musicians:
>We, of course, always felt that they were far better musicians than we

I don't agree with that idea at all.  Not necessarily better, just folks who
took a different route than we did towards enjoying their music.

Having said that, musicians my age in Spain didn't actually choose their
instrument or in many cases even choose to become a musician.  It was their
parents decision when they were tossed into the conservatory at around 8 yrs
of age.  Two years of "solfeo", without touching any instrument at all, then
being given a particular instrument (not choosing one!).  That has changed
now, somewhat, but change comes slowly in Spain.

To hear classical musicians from The Philly Pops Orchestra jamming with us
tune into Youtube and type in "our philly friends".  That'll prove that any
general rule is not really applied to everyone.


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