[Dixielandjazz] Marian McPartland

Marek Boym marekboym at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 02:15:53 PST 2012

>> When did they marry?
> Dear Marek,
> On 3 February 1945 in Aachen, Germany.

>> There are recordings from 1946.
> The January 1946 Vic Lewis sides (released years later) were private, not commercial, recordings so don't qualify.

Prhaps.  But she did.  anyway, she was already McPartland.
>>  - she was born before 1920...
> She was born on 20 March 1920, after John Chilton's cutoff date.

Not according to the biography I've checked befroe writing, which
gives 1918 as her year of birth.

>> Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (rhymes with beer, so I'm going to pur myself one).
> And our sincere seasonal greetings to you.
> We will be going to the Australian Jazz Convention (26-31 December) in Forbes NSW, so there will be plenty of jazz playing, cheers and beers for the whole week. I am a Trustee of the AJC.
Good for you!  Very little jazz activity here recently, but next month
Evan Christopher will appear here with Swing de Gitanes and a drummer
(I cannot understand why they need one with a Gypsy swing group). and
I've already purchased tickets to two shows; I might even attend more.

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