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Jazz Activist/journalist Lew Shaw writes, especially re Princeton Record
Exchange-Thanks, Lew.  This should be valuable information to those of us
who share your dilemma.


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I checked out the Princeton Record Exchange (www.prex.com). They spell out
the categories of LPs they  have interest in buying and those that hold
little interest.


They will pay $1 to $2 per near-mint LP for punk and progressive rock,
reggae, metal, Latin and select hip-hop and country-folk.


They have little interest in 70-80-90s rock, Big Bands, Easy Listening,
Pops, Time-Life box sets and several other categories.


No mention of Dixieland or Condon-type jazz groups.


Not very hopeful for getting any value for those of us who have been
collecting classic jazz recordings for the past 50 years. Says how much
popular music taste have changed. Might as well just enjoy what we have. I
have a record player that can handle the various speeds, plus tapes and CDs.
Not great fidelity, but acceptable to my diminished hearing


Lew Shaw

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