[Dixielandjazz] vinyl to CD and Blues Piano

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jun 24 22:57:45 PDT 2011

ROBERT R. CALDER wrote [in part]:
> .....and here was a vinyl to CD deck with software at a fraction of the original price. I looked up the same device
> on amazon and the reviews insisted rather than suggesting that the thing wouldn't be worth having even if you were paid the full price to take it. 

Dear Robert,
And I would agree.
Why wreck your vinyl discs with an inferior player, just because it incorporates a computer program you can download for free.
On a strong recommendation from a knowledgeable mate, I have just purchased VinyStudio and and a good preamp to go with it.
Now to find time to try it out.

> Unless of course you want to use, say, a Ken Colyer LP as the basis of forging the Bolden cylinder ... 

Naughty Robert.

> I also discovered a rather longer time back, Bill Haesler might be interested, 
> the truth about the legendary blues singer and pianist Jesse James, who lived in 
> Cincinnati....

So did I.
When the revived English Vocalion label reissued the two 1936 Decca sides back in the 50(s?) we heard the legend that this blues singer was a lifer, who had been escorted to the recording studio by armed guards.
Later, as you say, we found this to be fanciful. We even suspected that it may have been Cripple Clarence Lofton.
I now have the issued sides plus the two rejected songs on CD.

> and an LP by his contemporary and associate Pigmeat Jarrett, an able but pretty well standard performer.....

I never bothered to follow up on Pigmeat Jarrett, as my urban blues collection does not extend much beyond the immediate post-was era. I left all that to my mate Tony Standish.

> For Bill and others who might share the piano interest -- and the first LP in 
> the so-called Blues Revival was Speckled Red on Delmark, who was getting gigs 
> playing intermissions in 1950s New Orleans gigs......

Ditto Speckled Red (Rufus Perryman). Although I have all his 1930s sides plus several from the 1950s

>  -- Pigmeat Jarrett is worth googling. After an unpromising start the online sample segment of a Cincinnati blues DVD  turns out to be Pigmeat, in solo Sunnyland Slim or Otis Spann mode. And then with a highly competent accordionist (I'm sure Bill will be pleased if he doesn't know this already!)

No, I didn't. DVD is another medium I have kept away from, notwithstanding that I have far too many musical and jazz DVDS.
I can never find time to sit and watch a video/fillum.
I suppose they will have to wait until I get to the nursing home.
Kind regards,

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