[Dixielandjazz] Bob Crosby - South Rampart Street Parade

Jack Mitchell fjmitch at westnet.com.au
Sun Jun 19 21:15:52 PDT 2011

> Anton Crouch wrote:
>> The 12" recording (Decca 15038) was also issued as an edited version for 
>> the 10" Decca M33562 and 10" Brunswick 05067.
> Dear Anton,
> I was going to mention that possibility, but as these 10" so-called edited 
> versions are so rare, I decided not to muddy the water.
> I have yet to find collectors who can tell me what was cut out.
> My mate, John Chilton (who wrote the definitive book about the Bob Crosby 
> band) told me that, notwithstanding the 'edited' comment in Rust's Jazz 
> Records discography, it was the same length version (3.31) as the 12" 78 
> rpm disc that had been remastered with a finer groove pitch to fit a 10" 
> disc.
> I have yet to read verification of this.
> Does anyone on the DJML know?
> Very kind regards,
> Bill.

Dear Bill,

I'm pretty sure it was verified in Storyville magazine years ago. As you 
have more spare time than I, you can go through all the Storyvilles to find 
the reference.

Best wishes

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