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I played a job a week ago with one of the musicians who was in Turk's band 
early in the Sacramento Jubilee history and asked about this. He told me 
that the band was hired to play a couple of years at the beginning, but Turk 
was not enthused about the pay and how the band was treated in relation to 
the other non-professional bands that were present, and declined later 
invitations. This apparently caused considerable "friction" (so to speak) 
between him and the festival organizers which led to the band never again 

This is not my opinion, just what I heard.

Scott Anthony

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> Dick Baker wrote:
>> Turk Murphy died in 1987, so after that it was too late to name
>> him.  The big question is how he could have been overlooked/ignored
>> for the first ten years.
> Dick, that is a very good question.  While I have played for all 38 
> Sacramento Jazz Festivals, I moved to Los Angeles in 1979 and did not 
> return to the Sacramento area until 1995.  I had virtually no input as to 
> who was selected as Emperor.  Actually other then lobbying like crazy to 
> get Floyd Levin selected, I have never had any input.
> Bill Borcher, the first Exec Director  has passed away.  Roger Krum who 
> succeeded Bill as Exec Director, while quite ill, is still with us.  I'll 
> try to get an answer from him.
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