[Dixielandjazz] New Definition for Dixieland?

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I think they were using a term (influenced) that younger people use to 
describe music today.  There are so many sub styles that generic terms like 
rock or jazz just fails to describe a style so telling someone that a band 
is influenced (like) someone may be a better way to describe a band's music.

A couple of years ago I checked out a bulletin board in a music store.  The 
bands and musicians, which were a whole lot younger than I, were going to 
great lengths to tell others who they were "influenced" by.

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> Dear Steve,
> I was a bit confused by your comment on the West Chester Department of 
> Parks and Recreation explanation of the term "Dixieland" in connection 
> with the Barbone Street Jazz Band's open-air gig.
> When I hear your records on MySpace, I would say they are both 
> "progressive" Dixieland, and that they are a  New Orleans influenced style 
> of jazz. In my opinion the W.C.D. of P & R have made a viable explanation 
> of your music to a public that most probably aren't all jazz cognoscenti.
> Good luck with the concert, and make a huge number of converts!
> Kind Regards
> Bob Smith
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