[Dixielandjazz] Jim Beebe, Don Ingle

Judi K heartsjazz at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 10:01:08 PDT 2011

Don,  Jim thought highly of you, too.  And so do I.
Congratulations on your 80th,  I'm gonna be 69 this October, and am looking
forward to what used to be a magical number. (!)  :)

Yes, Jim had a great facade that covered his actual weakness;  he knew how,
and was able to, project his voice, and over the phone, it 'fooled' a lot of
people.  Most people never knew how far along he was in that desease.  he
taught me a lot.  We had the same temperament, mostly, and I love being
around people who can teach me something.  A near perfect match for our
last 19 or so years, and I haven't met anyone yet or ever will that can
offer that.... or who would even want to!!

I've been blessed, and I know we all have been so blessed at one time or
another in our lives.

Thanks, Don.
Judi K....that's judi K with an i....

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