[Dixielandjazz] Butch Thompson

John Boblett wahlbobs at comcast.net
Sat Jun 4 12:47:31 PDT 2011

  Life is like a roll of toilet paper...the closer you get to the end,
the faster it goes.

   In that spirit I would like express my admiration and respect
for Butch Thompson. When I was a young man I had the pure luck
of living close the Emporium of Jazz in Mendota, Minnesota. Every  
The Hall Brothers Jazz Band played REALLY good New Orleans Jazz.
'The Pearls and Chimes Blues were two of my favorites.

   Butch played clarinet and then stride piano during band breaks.
At the time, I knew I was in Heaven,  but looking back I really can  
believe how easy it was to hear great music played by dedicated and
fun musicians.

  There were pitchers of beer and paper bowls of popcorn and
a lax atmosphere about checking I.D.'s

   I mean, what 17 year old would want to hear this stuff, huh?

  I still play my trombone and Jack T is still my hero, even after  
everyone who came after.

  So here's to Butch and Charlie Devore and Red and everyone else who  
showed me
what magic is.



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