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Mon Jun 6 09:47:11 PDT 2011

Speaking of Carmen Cavallaro, I have been scouring the planet ever since
discovering that he recorded "Meet Mister Callaghan".  I have the Les Paul
and Chet Atkins versions (and have no desire to hear Lawrence Welk's

Is there a possibility that anyone reading this has Carmen's and has a means
of furnishing me a copy of it.


On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 11:23 AM, <alevy at alevy.com> wrote:

> A funny thing happened on the way to my email.
> I googled and utubed (is that a word yet?)
> Ben Light and found completely different results
> than expected. Could that name have been used
> by more than one person?
> (please don't answer that)
> It's obvious that what I found I did not expect.
> I did not intend to mislead anyone... sorry.
> The person googled etc - it ain't him.
> =====================================
> I have 78 rpm records on some obscure brown
> label. Solo Piano (no guitar - no organ) playing
> almost a parody of the "lightning fingers" of any
> of the "barrel house" pianists. Swing bass left
> hand ala Tatum and arpeggios that would make
> Carmen Cavallaro cry.
> Perhaps I have the name wrong. My records
> are in a warehouse and really hard to get to.
> In any case, I was informed, years ago, that it
> was really Lou Busch using yet another alias.
> ====================================
> Talking about fake names etc.
> I'm sure you all know who Charlie Chan (musician)
> and John Birks were.
> ====================================
> Perhaps when I'm feeling up to it I'll sneak in
> a few stories from the studios when what was on the
> label and in the books is not what really happened.
> Thanks for putting up with me,
> Al
> Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Conductor, Teacher and Music Prep.
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> http://alevy.com
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