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Wed Jun 1 17:58:45 PDT 2011


Quite frankly, I was thinking that the Mouldy Old Fig has perhaps seen one
too many Robin Hood movies.

How many times have we seen Errol Flynn and others bow down and pledge their
allegiance to King Richard the Lionhearted?

And I guess that most of us know what happened to the palomino that Olivia
DeHaviland as Maid Marian was riding.in the 1938 version.

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 7:35 PM, Jim O'Briant <jobriant at garlic.com> wrote:

> Bill Haesler wrote:
> > To the attention of His Imperial Majesty, Robert Ringwald Emperor
> > of the 2012 Sacramento Jazz Festival and Jubilee.
> >
> > May it please Your Majesty,
> > G'day.
> > Hearty congratulations.
> > Well done and richly deserved.
> > Keep up the regal Norton tradition. ...
> Errrr... Joshua Norton, self-styled Emperor of the United States, lived in
> San Francisco in the mid-19th Century. He was bonkers.
> Emperor Ringwald is pretty sane, as far as I can tell....
> Jim O'Briant
> Gilroy, CA
> Tuba & Leader, The Zinfandel Stompers
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