[Dixielandjazz] The Emperor

Jim O'Briant jobriant at garlic.com
Wed Jun 1 17:35:48 PDT 2011

Bill Haesler wrote:

> To the attention of His Imperial Majesty, Robert Ringwald Emperor 
> of the 2012 Sacramento Jazz Festival and Jubilee.
> May it please Your Majesty,
> G'day.
> Hearty congratulations. 
> Well done and richly deserved.
> Keep up the regal Norton tradition. ...

Errrr... Joshua Norton, self-styled Emperor of the United States, lived in
San Francisco in the mid-19th Century. He was bonkers. 

Emperor Ringwald is pretty sane, as far as I can tell....

Jim O'Briant
Gilroy, CA
Tuba & Leader, The Zinfandel Stompers


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