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On 17 October 2010 01:55, Anton Crouch <anton.crouch at optusnet.com.au> wrote:
> Hello all
> A simple, objective, criterion for the "who listens to?" part of this issue
> is the continuing availability of the recorded material in catalogue.
> The Beatles certainly pass this test. When it comes to jazz, the landscape
> is bleak - the recordings of the greats of the classic era became extinct
> during the depression and were only rediscovered in the 1940s. The only
> exception I can think of at the moment is Benny Moten.

Well, availability makes it possible to buy things, and probably
attests demand.  However, if it's people who grew up with the Beatles
and are replacing their long-worn LPs with CDs, that's one thing.  New
public is another.
Another new email on this matter reads:

"Well  there is a BIG current movement to the Beatles Music by 12 - 14
year olds in the USA.  for those who really care.  And God forbid they
are growing their hair long again to go along with it and picking up
guitars and taking lessons.   Rock & Roll music that most OKOMers  all
said would never last, went to Country so the kids are finding their
own likes for Rock and the Beatles have struck a chord once again :)"

Now THAT indicates at least the beginning of the test of time - new public.

I wish to mention that my comments were not meant to dispute the
quality (or lack thereof) of all the groups mentioned in Steve's
original letter, even though they have never been my pitcher of beer.

> All the best,
> Anton
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