[Dixielandjazz] Djamngo ~!! - A Tribute

Pat Ladd pj.ladd at btinternet.com
Sat Oct 23 17:08:54 PDT 2010

1975 the famous Waso Quartet >>

Hi Hans,

I saw the Waso Quartet when they played at a rather impromptu get together 
at Bath University.

The music was good but very raw but I remember the occasion mainly because I 
purchased a tape (Cassette) from them and it was technically  without doubt 
the worst recording that was ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.Band 
tapes were not of very good quality in those days but this was exceptional. 
I should think it had been recorded on a  very beaten up,old, home recorder 
under the kitchen sink. How the copying was done I have no idea.It was 
totally unplayable.Certainly I never got beyond the first number. Then I 
threw it away, something which I had never done to a recording  in my life. 
Shudder. I  can remember no `revival` of the Django sound in the UK as a 
result of the quartet`s playing. There was certainly none as a result of 
that tape


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