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Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Fri Oct 22 16:28:37 PDT 2010

Steve Voce wrote:
> I had it on a couple of MGM 10" LPs, and remember it as not being very good, despite the stellar cast (Ed Hall was a particular favourite of mine).

Dear Steve,
Following your lead, I checked Manfred Selchow's 1988 'Bio-Discographal Scrapbook on Ed Hall' and found some interesting references to the 'Hot versus Cool' recording session (live at Birdland).
Included is the 3 January 1953 Leonard Feather Melody Maker article "When Dizzy's Bop Clique Played Muskrat Ramble" which describes the event in detail. (Pages 297-299.)
Too long to transcribe with my unorthodox typing skill. Or lack thereof.
I then went to Leonard Feather's 1986 book 'The Jazz Years - earwitness to an era". On pages 200-201 he also discusses the LP and the follow-up album, 'Dixieland Vs. Birdland' and says, significantly: "The most important message of these albums was that the internecine hostility of the 1940s had all but vanished, and that musicians representing wrongly contrasted values could negotiate the same material and even join forces amicably."
Something my old mate, Steve Barbone, has been preaching on the DJML for years.
Feather also refers briefly to a third LP, 'Cats Vs. Chicks' [Clark Terry and His Septet] of which (as you would assume) I have no recall.
Very kind regards,

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