[Dixielandjazz] Jazzy Cadillac ad on TV

Harry Callaghan meetmrcallaghan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 14:46:30 PDT 2010

This is not intended ro ridicule Don, but rather it is a shining example of
what the quality of primetime TV has diminished  to............we look
forward to the commercials more than the programs

Of course I can't speak for anyone else, but aside from occasional political
talk shows (can't stomach any of them on a daily basis) and professional
sports, I'll probably watch maybe 4 hours per week in primetime.

I will DVR a late night talk show if there's a guest on that I am really
interested in as they are all shown past my bedtime.

I rest my case

On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 1:34 PM, Don Ingle <cornet at 1010internet.com> wrote:

>  Hope everyone has caught the wonderful background music on a new Cadillac
> ad. Baanjo, bass drums trombone and clarinet, with a definite Crescent City
> feel to it. All too short but a delight to hear it in a modern day
> commercial - and let's hope for more. Anyone know who played on it?
> Don Ingle
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