[Dixielandjazz] Buddy Morrow

Robert Ringwald rsr at ringwald.com
Tue Oct 5 14:53:48 PDT 2010

This from trombonist Rex Allen in SF.  

Thanks for updating us on Buddy's passing, as well as others.
Like Buddy I had the privilege leading the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra for a short time
in 1976/77 between trombonist Murray McEachern and Buddy, who took over in April
while the band was in Vancouver BC, and heading back to NY from one-nighters across
Buddy was a great player and a nice approachable guy. I remember he had whipped the
band into a better sounding, less-tired and road band, with better morale. I seem
to recall he refused to let the Willard Alexander Agency simply throw arrows on a
wall map as they booked the band, (which caused huge travel distances and fatigue)
-- and moved to play regions until bookings were exhausted.
Buddy kept the band working as busily as the Miller ghost band until sometime in
the 1990s. His playing at such advanced ages was pretty remarkable. Still have a
cardboard poster of Buddy endorsing CONN Trombones from c.1960, on which he's identified
by his real name: Moe Zudekoff.
A piece of trivia few people know: The trombonist replacing Jack Teagarden on Whiteman's
gigantic orchestra in 1938 after Jacks' 6-years of being buried in the trombone section
was: Buddy Morrow.
Would be intrigued to learn of plans/touring for the TD band now that Buddy's gone....
((Feel free to pass along to DJML, Bob))
To Buddy Morrow!
Rex Allen

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