[Dixielandjazz] Mother-in-Law jokes (was "Youth")

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Mon May 31 20:16:34 PDT 2010

Don't get me started with mother-in-law jokes. My dad used to write for
Phyllis Diller, among others. One of my favorite of his jokes that she
used often is now probably politically incorrect but I'll pass it along

"My mother-in-law is so fat she stepped on the dog's tail and now they
call it 'Beaver'."

One of the funny things I found while going through his papers was a
joke Phyllis returned with a note saying "You know I can't use this on
national television - it's too off-color." The joke was:
"This is national baked beans week. I hope we don't have a population

My how things have changed. Today no one would blink at that one but the
fat joke would probably be banned due to insensitivity.


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Champion Jack Dupree gave a consert in Norway some 40 years ago. In
to his blues singing and piano playing he had a repertoir of jokes. The
I remember best was:
"My mother-in-law had beautiful black hair that hung all the way down
back. I only wish she had had some of it on her head!"


Bob Smith

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