[Dixielandjazz] Shades of John Cage

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Mon May 31 14:03:21 PDT 2010

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> Randy Fendrick <jfendrick at bak.rr.com> wrote:
> I saw the Titans at a festival we were playing, I believe that is  
> their name, playing Sweet Georgia Brown and the band took an entire  
> chorus without making a sound. The drummer was keeping time without  
> hitting anything, the players were moving the valves and keys, the  
> slide was moving in and out, but no sound,   Then they came in on  
> the last chorus and blew the house down.  It was absolutely great!   
> It just reinforces the old adage, you got to have a gimmick.  You  
> are right John Cage would have appreciated it,
> later,
> Randy Fendrick
> Southside Chicago Seven

Yeah Randy, I saw a video of them doing that on local TV. I believe it  
was from one of the Bix Festivals a few years ago. Marvelous. Of  
course, they are one of the most popular bands on the Festival  
Circuit. Just  because, perhaps, in addition to being excellent  
musicians, they know how to connect with the audience.

I also saw Thelonious Monk play an entire set in San Francisco not  
touching any of the piano keys. It was like a mime. Stopping his  
fingers just before contact. Of course the rest of the quartet did  
play during it. When he came off the stand, Monk was sweating  
profusely just as he would have had he been actually hitting the keys.  
Very weird

Steve Barbone

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