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Cool --

We tried a young lady in her teens who plays trumpet with great range and 
technique.  Her dad is an accomplished sax player with a couple of big bands 
here in StL.  They showed up for rehearsals and played the music.  BTW this 
young lady was also asked to play with another band I work with.

This went on for about six rehearsals in both bands.  While highly talented 
her improv was very mechanical and wooden.  Two members of the band asked me 
privately to not ask her back.

Her dad wants very badly that she should be  a jazzer but while she has all 
the equipment she has zero talent for it.  That's sad because she thinks she 
is really swinging.  This is because everyone tells her that.  I think 
endless complements are detrimental to young musicians.

Pros don't gush all over other pros.  Playing well is a given but the 
amateur groups just can't wait to lay on the complements no matter what is 

I think it can ruin a good young musician if he thinks he's on top.  The 
other side is if you give any criticism at all they don't believe you 
because after all everyone else tells them how great they are.
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> I think  that it would be good for older (read: EXPERIENCED) players to
> welcome  "youngsters" into their bands, even on a temporary basis, so they 
> can
> get a  chance to learn the trade from the "Yodas" of Dixieland!   (Hey!
> Maybe that could be the name of a group!?!)
> Larry, how about a band made up of  experienced, mature, female musicians
> who play Dixieland covers of the music  from the rock opera, "Tommy"? 
> They
> could call themselves "The Yoda Lady  Whos."
>                                                                Al B
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