[Dixielandjazz] Bill's remark about young members

Beth Schweitzer beth at portafortuna.com
Fri May 28 08:02:01 PDT 2010

Al, I'm not ready to give up yet - I feel I still have 40 or so more
years of partying left in me and not yet nearly enough good times of the
past to sit back and celebrate without wanting more.

But I agree that we are probably beating to death ideas that no one will
ever implement anyway. I've been involved in enough jazz clubs and
festivals in my relatively short time in this world of trad jazz
enthusiasts to realize that you have probably hit the nail on the head
with that statement. 

Luckily I have wide and eclectic tastes in music so there will always be
something out there for me to enjoy, even if it's not my first love.


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Subject: Re: [Dixielandjazz] Bill's remark about young members
From: W1AB at aol.com

We may as well stop talking about keeping traditional jazz alive and 
accept the inevitable ... distasteful though it may be to us. 
We old farts have lived through some magnificent years, but let us face 
the end of the music with grace and with appreciation that we were able
enjoy it. It's better to celebrate the good times of the past than to
the unavoidable bad times that appear to be ahead. 
Why beat to death ideas that no one will ever implement anyway? Let's
away the defibrillators and just PARTY! 
Al B 

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