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Beth Schweitzer beth at portafortuna.com
Fri May 28 07:51:03 PDT 2010

Aye - there's the rub. The joints you play at. If only we had jazz
joints like that here. I think if our jazz clubs had their concerts at
places that were more conducive to bringing in people from the outside
instead of places like society halls and lodges or hotel ballrooms,
which tend to limit the crowd to members only, we'd take great leaps
forward in keeping our clubs alive. I suggested moving to such a venue
here but was told that our membership is too big to fit into a more
"jazz joint" type of venue. So we will continue to be a closed society,
at least until our numbers dwindle enough as to allow us to use a
smaller space.

Same thing for festivals. The hotel all-in-one location festivals have
great advantages, especially for people with limited mobility as many of
our attendees happen to be, but they don't attract outsiders for the
simple reason that no one outside the hotel even knows the festival is
going on. Sacramento is one of the big exceptions to that rule and to
many others (like plenty of non-trad music mixed in) and I think that's
one reason that festival has been able to keep going. People who like or
need the one venue type of festival can go to the convention center and
be well entertained all weekend without moving or with very little
moving about, while anyone strolling down the street of Old Town will be
unable to be unaware of the amazing music going on around them and might
just drop in to see what's going on.

And the other thing you said... every night of the week! Wow - if I
could find trad jazz at a public joint even one night a week I would be
thrilled. We have once a month concerts, and a few local musicians have
gigs here and there but it's hard to find real trad on a regular basis. 

Blues - that's a different story. I can find multiple places to hear the
blues here any night of the week. But it all sounds so much the same to
me after a while! (Don't some people say that about trad?)


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If our young subs were to bring friends they wouldn't get in the
joints we play at are just that crowded every nite of the week! :>

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