[Dixielandjazz] Beth's remark about young members

Bert Brandsma mister_bertje at hotmail.com
Thu May 27 22:17:56 PDT 2010

What strikes me in the current discussion is why we only talk so much about youth bands.Maybe the existing bands should also give more chances to young musicians.
I encountered several talented young people the last years who loved this kind of music but simply could not find places and bands to play.The biggest problem to them was that most older bands were afraid to ask them to help out. So now several of these talents don't play anymore.
Here is a video with a talented young banjo player helping out :
Bandleaders should give such talents more chances. I soon will upload something with him soloing as well.
Another problem is that audience visiting a concert usually meanwhile is older then the musicians participating. That is a general problem also in classical music and to some extend now even with several kind of pop/rock concerts.
We live in a computer time. The big media want it cheap, so the big music companies don't mind to back a third rate singer (who could better called pseudo porn star) like Lady Gaga and back her with synthesiser sounds. 
It is a sad thing, but something impossible to fight. It is reality. DJ's are more popular then someone who can actually play. Even pop/rock musicians are kind of frustrated these days that there are no drums and guitars on TV anymore.
That is one of the reasons our band invested so much time in youtube. It is almost impossible to get it on TV. On youtube people interested in the music find what they look for by searching and at the time they want. In that sence TV becomes more and more old fashioned.
Kind regards,
Bert Brandsma 		 	   		  
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