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Thanks, Steve!  (And a belated thanks to Bob for the first McFerrin posting.)  I've been a McFerrin fan for many years and have seen him perform twice, one of those times with Chick Corea, definitely one of the most exciting musical evenings I've experienced.  

John Blegen
Clarinetist in Evanston

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This is for everyone on the DNJML except Marek who doesn't like Bobby McFerrin and presumes to speak for "us" on the list claiming we don't like him either. I am with Bob (Ringwald) Please don't include me in that "us".  My favorite McFerrin's are:




OR for the more esoteric banjo and piano fans. (Yeah, I know, it ain't OKOM)


I'm with you Bob (Ringwald). This man is an enormous musical talent who has taken the scat singing of Louis and Ella to another level. I pity folks who cannot "hear" that.

Steve Barbone

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