[Dixielandjazz] Humility

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Greetings, all,
Well, Bill, I can top that one, believe it or not.
Our group, the Tin Rainbow Ragtimers, (with Doug Mattocks on banjo and Dick 
Hardwick on drums) was invited to play in Springfield, Ill. at the Forum 30 
hotel - (beautiful modern hotel).  We were to play in the "basement" level 
in a room called the Chicago Speakeasy.  We got there on Sunday, well before 
our due date on Monday, and started setting everything up.  After an hour or 
two, the manager of the room came up to us and we introduced ourselves.  He 
asked us what we wanted to drink and we chatted for about an hour.  Then he 
looked at us, very seriously, and said, "Tomorrow night, when you guys 
start, I want you to play as loud as humanly possible!"  We were all sort of 
stunned, since we had NEVER had a request from a manager like that.  In 
fact, it was usually the opposite idea...  Well, I asked him "why" and he 
leaned very close to us and said, "You see, this joint is known all around 
town as THE place to find hookers.  We've tried everything to chase them 
out - to no avail.  So we figure if the music is so frigging loud - they 
can't conduct their business with all that racket going on!  After a few 
weeks, we should have driven them out!  We stayed there 3 months :-)  Oh, 
and mission accomplished!
So you NEVER know WHY you're hired!
ALL the Very Best,
Steve "Stubby" Heist

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>  . . .so there I was last night  playing on a corner of the stage with 
> quartet at a very fancy affair for 200 people seated at tables on stage 
> who had each paid $500 to be wined and dined on some of the finest cusine 
> to be had when the organizer/head honcho walked over during a minor pause 
> in the music and said, "Please keep the music going" .  . . .. and now the 
> punch (literally) line:  "It drowns out the kitchen noise".  And thusly I 
> found out the true purpose of our being there..... which was serving as 
> white noise while food was being served.  Ah, the humility of it all.
> Wheaties (American);  Cheerio (British),
> Bill
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