[Dixielandjazz] Humility

billsharp sharp-b at clearwire.net
Wed May 26 07:52:06 PDT 2010

  . . .so there I was last night  playing on a corner of the stage with 
quartet at a very fancy affair for 200 people seated at tables on stage 
who had each paid $500 to be wined and dined on some of the finest 
cusine to be had when the organizer/head honcho walked over during a 
minor pause in the music and said, "Please keep the music going" .  . . 
.. and now the punch (literally) line:  "It drowns out the kitchen 
noise".  And thusly I found out the true purpose of our being 
there..... which was serving as white noise while food was being 
served.  Ah, the humility of it all.

Wheaties (American);  Cheerio (British),

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