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Well Marek,
Bobby McFerrin may not be OKOM, but he is certainly MKOM.  

And, in the future, he may be OKOM as David Littlefield tells me that McFerrin's bought an OKOM piece from David.  Can't remember the title, but David, who is a member of DJML can tell us.  

I know that McFerrin played piano in a local college Jazz band.  It was California State university at Sacramento.  



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>> Why, Bob, why?
>> What have you got agains us that you set Bobby McFerrin on us?
> Marek, I hope you are kidding. Bobby McFerrin is a tremendous talent, a one of a kind.

No kidding at all, Bob.  Talent or not, certainly not OKOM.
> I saw him in person a few years ago. He was onstage by himself for and hour and 15 minutes and held the crowd in the palm of his hand.

I heard him somewhere, but could only take a few seconds.
> I realize that what he does may not be everybody's cup of tea, as we say here in the States, but anyone should be able to recognize his incredible talent.

Why?  I neither know nor care whether John Coltrane had any talent or
not - cannot stand the noise he made.  To my mind, the avant garde
really is the refuge of the untalented.

Best regards
> --Bob Ringwald
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