[Dixielandjazz] REPLY on Outlet for European Traditional Jazz CDs

Bert Brandsma mister_bertje at hotmail.com
Tue May 18 10:37:13 PDT 2010

I tried to get our CDs on ITunes, but they also didn't accept our band. It would only be possible if I found a company that was willing to do it for me.
So I tried several of the companies they suggested... answer : NO!
One gets tired of these things..... Having a band that in several years played more then 200 gigs a year and sells some 600 CDs per year, still labels are not interested.Am I insane, or are they???

By the way, for Bob Kaper CDs (Dutch Swing College Band) try their website :
Several of their older CDs can be ordered at http://www.bol.com/nl/index.html
I don't know if they ship international.

At the DSC-band 65 years jubilee concert they sold 200 CDs.
The Dixieland Crackerjacks also sold 20 on that evening.

Kind regards,

Bert Brandsma
  Yes, the major problems are (1) the  high cost of postage today, (2) the problems of dealing with customs forms, etc,  and (3) paying for the album.     One way to avoid those problems is to  sell CDs via downloading from a Web site, using PayPal.  The seller could have downloadable artwork for a CD booklet, which the  buyer could trim to size and insert in the CD jewel box.  The buyer  wouldn't have a nice CD label for his downloaded album, but the advantages  outweigh the limitations.     Just because we like old-time music  doesn't mean we have to be stuck with old-time ways of buying and selling  music.                                                                 Al   B

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> Subject: [Dixielandjazz] REPLY on Outlet for European Traditional Jazz CDs
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> Some bands indeed ask a lot for shipping. Alas we can't blame them since it is not easy to do international.
> On the other hand, I advice to deal with the bands directly, since you are sure they benefit the most from it that way.
> For a jazzband it is not easy to sell your CDs internationally through businesses, so we simply sell them ourselves.I tried many companies to get our CDs on regular labels ( Jazz and otherwise), but they seemed not to be interested. A bit strange, since they in fact sell pretty well. Many people ask for the CDs since we are on youtube, they went to almost all European countries, Japan, Mexico, Argentine, Brazil, Austalia and most of them to the USA.
> What is also strange is that it is not interesting to send many CDs at once. (Intercontinental, this statemement is not for within Europe) The shipping costs per CD are not cheaper with many CDs at the same time as compared to sending just 1. On the contrary, when you send many, you suddenly run against import taxes and VAT that don't count with just sending 1 to 4 CDs.
> Dixieland Crackerjacks CDs can ordered with me. We don't ask extra for shipping and prices are reasonable.
> Payment is another problem, paying through regular banks intercontinental is very expensive. Banks in the Netherlands also don't accept cheques anymore, or ask outragious fees.The best solution proved to be to use paypal. A very quick and easy way to pay.
> The Dixieland Crackerjacks have 4 CDs that are still available (The first, Red Roses For A Blue Lady is sold out): (besides we are on 6 sample CDs with other bands)
> I'll See You In My Dreams (2000)St. James In Germany (2001)The Caribbean Suite (2005)Out Of Nowhere (2009)
> Kind regards,
> Bert Brandsma
> www.dixielandcrackerjacks.com
> Does anyone know of an outlet for European traditional jazz CDs?  I know that one can get some from places like Louisiana Music Factory, Jazzology, CD Baby and CD Unilverse, but they do not carry much by the current crop of musicians such as the Carlings from Sweden; Aurelie Tropez and other French groups;  Claudio Perelli, Gianni Sanjust, and Gabriele Mirabassi from Italy; Georg Reiss from Norway; and numerous Danish and Netherlands groups featuring Bob Kaper, Jurgen Svare, etc. I thought maybe there was someplace right in Europe where you could order such recordings, but maybe it is necessary to contact individual groups.  I have had to do that to get music from Australia.  The postage sometimes costs as much as the CD!  John Fortier 		 	   		  
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