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What is  also strange is that it is not interesting to send many CDs at 
once.  (Intercontinental, this statemement is not for within Europe) The 
shipping  costs per CD are not cheaper with many CDs at the same time as compared 
to  sending just 1. On the contrary, when you send many, you suddenly run 
against  import taxes and VAT that don't count with just sending 1 to 4  CDs.
Dixieland Crackerjacks CDs can ordered with me. We don't ask extra for  
shipping and prices are reasonable.
Payment is another problem, paying  through regular banks intercontinental 
is very expensive. Banks in the  Netherlands also don't accept cheques 
anymore, or ask outragious fees.The best  solution proved to be to use paypal. A 
very quick and easy way to  pay.
    Yes, the major problems are (1) the  high cost of postage today, (2) 
the problems of dealing with customs forms, etc,  and (3) paying for the album.
    One way to avoid those problems is to  sell CDs via downloading from a 
Web site, using PayPal.  The seller could have downloadable artwork for a CD 
booklet, which the  buyer could trim to size and insert in the CD jewel 
box.  The buyer  wouldn't have a nice CD label for his downloaded album, but 
the advantages  outweigh the limitations.
    Just because we like old-time music  doesn't mean we have to be stuck 
with old-time ways of buying and selling  music.
                                                                Al   B

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