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Steve Barbone comments about the NYTimes article  and attaches a Phil Woods
letter ( several years old now and Bud Shank is playing jazz in heaven, no
doubt) related to their request for a recording date.


Thanks, Steve.


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Dear Norm:


I'm with Ken. Check out this letter from Phil Woods, especially the last
full paragraph where he takes "Concord" to task for telling him and Bud
Shank that instrumental music doesn't sell anymore when they approached the
company about recording live from Yoshi's in Oakland CA. This letter was on
Phil's website a few years ago shortly after Bud Shank got his raw deal from
the folks in Port Townsend WA. 


It ain't easy being an old jazz musician. <grin>



Steve Barbone



I continue to be a fly on the windshield of the jazz industry. (HA!) I
presume you know that Bud Shank was fired from his post as founder and
guiding light of the Bud Shank Workshop in Port Townsend, WA. He has been
the 'man' there for 25 plus years, assembling one of the best teaching
ensembles ever! But now they want a younger man with young ideas!

Outsourcing the wrong guy folks! It only takes forever to learn this music
thing and even longer to come to terms with this jazz thing. And they want a
younger guy. Any damn fool can play when they are 20, or 30, 0r 40, 50, 60.

But try cutting the mustard when you are in your late 70's! Now anyone that
can do that has acquired knowledge that no younger person can ever hope to

The jazz existence, or any existence is not about getting somewhere it is
all about the voyage. No one can ever master life, only experience it and
contribute something to making the world a better place to be an artist.

ARTIST is the key word. If you want to be a practical musician, great. Get
some gigs and have a good life. But if you want to be a jazz musician, the
requirements are more stringent. An awareness of world culture is a good
place to start! Learn something about food and wine, learn a language, read
a book, paint a painting, see an O'Neal play, stare at a sunset. Write a
Rondo for heaven's sake- be somebody. And no matter how long you do it you
will barely touch the surface of this passion called life, the jazz life!

You have to be a warrior-Bud Shank is a warrior! A tough one who has
survived. What he has to teach is incalculable to measure. And they want a
younger guy. How about Norah Jones to teach jazz singing ? Yeah! Right! Bud
and I have been doing many gigs together, Toronto festival, North Sea and
others. We broached Concord records to try and secure a one shot record deal
for Yoshi's in November. They said that instrumental music doesn't sell
anymore! Imagine! A company founded on instrumental music, great music,
decides that it doesn't sell anymore. I am mad as hell and will continue to
rant and rave about these things until my last breath. Culture in America is
going to hell in a hand basket. (I love that saying - don't know what it
means but love it still.) Keep the song alive. Until next time stay well.

And thank you for being a part of my thing!

Phil Woods




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