[Dixielandjazz] Question: "Naked Gun" film

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OMG, ROFL.  Thanks so much for the link as I had no clue what movie  this 
link has been about.  Guess I need to see more movies and I would if I  knew 
they were like this one.
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Hello  Bill,
You have to be in a certain mood to appreciate this film. When my  wife was 
8 months pregnant and almost could do nothing anymore she had so much  fun 
watching it that it was a pleasure watching her!
The scenes with the  player piano are in the first movie. After about 43 
minutes. Nielsen is  secretly in the office of the enemy. First he pushes a 
button at random and  the player piano starts. He stops it after a few 
seconds. Then he puts by  accidents a piece of paper on fire, everything starts to 
burn, panic, panic  and accidently he pushes the player piano button again. 
Everything goes wrong  now. Nielsen drops the precious vases, but the funny 
part is that they fall in  time with the music. You hear the sound of 
breaking glass but if you listen  closely you also hear two different pitched 
crash cymbals at the same time.  like a circus drummer.
On youtube it is here :    


Kind  regards,

Bert  Brandsma

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