[Dixielandjazz] JUST RELEASED! The Fabulous George Lewis Band - theInside Story

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Dear Bill, Can't get to that site - did you mean 
www.geoffgilbertsneworleansjazz.com ??
Best wishes
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> Dear friends,
> The following information has just been received from my dear ex-Aussie 
> mate in New Orleans, Geoff Gilbert.
> Geoff is/was a DJML lurker, and I'm surprised that he has been a little 
> shy regarding his relatively new website.
> A good one too, for those interested in what is happening regarding New 
> Orleans, its music, events, CDs and the  like.
> Begin forwarded message from Geoff:
>> I'm really excited to announce the release of the Book and CD "The 
>> Fabulous George Lewis Band - the Inside Story" by Barry Martyn and Nick 
>> Gagliano.
>> Nick managed the band in the late forties and early fifties in New 
>> Orleans and the dialogue between them gives a fascinating insight set 
>> against the back of segregation.
>> Wonderful photographs and a bonus CD of unique and previously unissued 
>> tracks by George!
>> You can buy the book and CD online at our Music store - Page 5.
>> Go to www.geoeffgilbertsneworleansjazz.com
> While at Geoff's site, I suggest you check out the excellent 'Burgundy 
> Street' film and the 'Mardi Gras and The Saints Superbowl' video.
> Very kind regards,
> Bill.
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