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Years ago I worked some gigs with Ray Ronnei.  The last I heard, he was a hermit living somewhere in the Berkeley hills.  

Not sure if he is still alive.  

If anyone is interested, I could make some inquiries.  


who else is on that 1962 LP?  


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>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1guOzrfR5g&feature=player_embedded
>> http://jazzlives.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/the-magic-horn-of-papa-ray-ronnei-by-hal-smith/
> and asked about Papa Ray Ronnie.
> Dear Richard,
> Last week, by sheer coincidence, I came across a long forgotten Jazz Missionaries LP (Epitaph No. 2) in my collection.
> Having grown up with the Bunk Johnson, George Lewis, Kid Ory, Mutt Carey New Orleans 'revival' and its British and Australian equivalents I was intrigued, and amazed, when I acquired the LP way back, to find a young US band doing the same thing. 
> My first introduction to Ray Ronnei and his first issued recording.
> The Jazz Missionaries. Ray Ronnei (c/vcl) Al Crowne (tb) Walt Sereth (cl) Dick Shooshan (p) Vic Loring (bj) Mike Fay (sb). 
> Santa Monica, CA, May 30, 1962
>    All The Wrongs You've Done To Me    
>    All The Girls Go Crazy ('bout The Way I Walk)           
>    Isle of Capri           
>    Mood Indigo (rr vcl)           
>    You're Just In Love           
>    How Long Blues (rr vcl)           
>    Savoy Blues           
>    Creole Song           
>    Sweet Sue, Just You (rr vcl) 
> At the time I was impressed by the band, but particularly by Ray Ronnei. 
> All of them, at that time unknown to me, and playing the same NO music as we youngsters here in Oz.
> It was to be much later, as the individual musicians appeared on other LPs, that I was to discover more about them.
> Kind regards,
> Bill.
> PS: Many years ago, I related on the DJML how I came to finally meet pianist Dick Shooshan (the Golden Eagle JB leader) in the geographical centre of Australia.
> But no time to repeat it today. Off after lunch to our regular gig at the Fortune of War Hotel in the inner-city Rocks area of Sydney.
> Our clarinet lead, Jack Wiard is currently holidaying in Central Asia, so we have Bob Barnard filling in for the afternoon.
> Next week we have Trevor Rippingale. Then Jack returns.
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