[Dixielandjazz] A New Book on OUR KIND OF MUSIC

Bob Brodsky rfoxbro at aol.com
Mon Jun 28 10:59:33 PDT 2010

 (if you'd like to see  the book COVER, send me an email)

“The World in a Jug”- ‘The Lore of New Orleansand Dixieland Jazz’ - is just out and is a book that you’ll want to own!It is much more than my recollections of the post WW2 revival as I lived andplayed it (Cornetist) in Greenwich Village after my discharge from the Navy.It’s a book that might get younger generations interested in keeping thetradition alive. Let me tell you more about ‘Jug’:
It defines Hot Jazz (OKOM), including blues, and gives aninclusive list of the ‘Evergreen’ numbers that comprise the body of trad jazztunes. It provides an extensive bibliography of all the old texts, but bringsthem up to date by telling what’s happening NOW.
It gives the words of many of the famous blues by Bessie,Ma Rainey, Louie and Turk, and many other artists. It has stories and obitsabout the old time greats and pictures of many. It has discussions that cameover the WEB and describes Jazz Parties and musical taste disputes.
And finally, it describes in detail my two  illustrated (boom box and slides)  jazz lectures – one on New Orleans and the other on Dixieland Jazz – my“Serenades for Mouldy Figges” – given in the US, Europe and Israel. The first Serenade occurred in the 70's.

And - so no strain on your pocketbook – it’s only $15 andonly on Amazon.com/books - under Robert F. Brodsky or its title. 

 Bob B
South Bay New Orleans Jazz Club
Redondo Beach, California


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