[Dixielandjazz] Kawai GB-2 Session Trainer

dslicklip dslicklip at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Jun 30 12:19:34 PDT 2010

Hi Steve! I saw your ad on the web page on the internet regarding your Kawai GB-2 Session trainer.....Is it still available ? I am in the market for a GB-2 .If yours is still available I am very interested in purchasing it.  Please email me and let me know  and if you could provide me with some statistical information about your GB-2. Thank You!
 My name is:                    Fausto Allosada
                                    756  Hoomau Street
                                    Wailuku , HI    96793

                                     Ph: 1-808-242-4365
                                 E-mail : dslicklip at hawaii.rr.com

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