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While it was hardly of a musical nature, I would like to say that I found
the Merritt Parkway/Audobahn info most interesting.


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> Although, he only mentioned Laurendale and Reading.
> A quick  Google seems to indicate Muhlenberg has the same zip code.
>    I reckon the folks in Muhlenburg are full of joy at  having the same
> ZIP code as those larger towns.
>    ZIP trivia:  The Zone Improvement  Code system used by the USPS was
> modeled after the German postleitzahl  system, and introduced in 1963.
>    Interstate highway trivia:  (1)  Highway engineers of the Third Reich
> were sent to America about 1930 to study  the Merritt Parkway (in
> Connecticut) for ideas on designing the Autobahn  system.  (2) When General
> of the Army
> Dwight D. Eisenhower saw how well the  Autobahn system supported the waging
> of a war, he made a mental note of  it.  (3) When President Dwight D.
> Eisenhower was in office, he persuaded  the US Congress to fund a massive
> highway
> system, which was originally called  the Dwight D. Eisenhower National
> System of Interstate and Defense  Highways.
>    We now return you to the discussion of  the song "Mule-in-Burg Joys,"
> which was written to express the happiness of  local farmers at having
> their
> manual workload reduced when mules were first  brought to the town of Burg
> auf Fehmarn, Germany, in 1925.
>                                                           Al B
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