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Although, he only mentioned Laurendale and Reading.
A quick  Google seems to indicate Muhlenberg has the same zip code.
    I reckon the folks in Muhlenburg are full of joy at  having the same 
ZIP code as those larger towns.
    ZIP trivia:  The Zone Improvement  Code system used by the USPS was 
modeled after the German postleitzahl  system, and introduced in 1963.
    Interstate highway trivia:  (1)  Highway engineers of the Third Reich 
were sent to America about 1930 to study  the Merritt Parkway (in 
Connecticut) for ideas on designing the Autobahn  system.  (2) When General of the Army 
Dwight D. Eisenhower saw how well the  Autobahn system supported the waging 
of a war, he made a mental note of  it.  (3) When President Dwight D. 
Eisenhower was in office, he persuaded  the US Congress to fund a massive highway 
system, which was originally called  the Dwight D. Eisenhower National 
System of Interstate and Defense  Highways.
    We now return you to the discussion of  the song "Mule-in-Burg Joys," 
which was written to express the happiness of  local farmers at having their 
manual workload reduced when mules were first  brought to the town of Burg 
auf Fehmarn, Germany, in 1925.
                                                           Al B

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