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<<Nottingham (sheriffs - maybe)>>

So many have contributed to this totally off topic exchange that I can only 
address this very little known Robin Hood story to the entire list. In 
mitigation I can only claim Midsummer Madness.

When Robin Hood was very badly wounded he went to an Abbey to recover. 
However the Abbess, seeking to curry favour with the Sheriff of Nottingham 
, applied leeches until he was weak and near to death. Knowing his time had 
come Robin called his faithful friends around  him asked Little John to hand 
him his bow and an arrow.
Robin propped himself up in his bed, drew his bow and with surprising 
strength let the arrow fly. "Bury me where the arrow fell" he whispered, and 
fell back dead.
So they buried him where the arrow fell. On top of the clothes closet.

Musical reference. `Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen` 
Signature tune for an awful TV series which probably only made it on to 
British screens.



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