[Dixielandjazz] Cassettte vs. open-reel quality

Dick Baker djml at dickbaker.org
Sat Jun 19 17:27:16 PDT 2010

>Al Brogdon added,
>I'm not sure about your speed  question, Harry, but here's a guess:  The
>technology for making the heads  improved so much by the time audio cassettes
>came along that you could get up to  20 kHz at 1-7/8 ips.  At the time
>reel-to-reel machines were in use, head  technology wouldn't have been as far

I'm sure there was some improvement in tape heads, but I always 
thought that the technological breakthrough that made cassettes 
viable for music reproduction was Dolby noise reduction.  Cassette 
tapes were around for some time in mono dictaphone machines, 
telephone answering devices, etc., but didn't come into use for music 
(and become stereo instead of just mono) until Dolby B was available.

      Dick Baker
  djml at dickbaker.org

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