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Harry Callaghan meetmrcallaghan at gmail.com
Sat Jun 19 15:24:22 PDT 2010

I have heard of, in fact had CD players just lay down and die on me, but
never heard of a CD just no longer playing.

But then, unlike Marek, I have not been into the "home brew".


On 6/19/10, Jim Kashishian <jim at kashprod.com> wrote:
> Those that questioned my remarks about CDR "for music only" comments are
> most likely right.  I just have this thing about trying to get the best
> material.
> My original supplier, a specialty house in the U.K. stopped making their
> special "gold" Cd's available, and I took to buying in the local
> supermarket
> like everyone else.  I had bad experiences with some makes, so went for the
> best known brands in hopes of getting something better.  The Philips
> "music"
> cd's I mentioned have been very successful, and they are still very cheap,
> even if there is a "music" tax.
> The Gold cd's were made with a special coating that created the gold color.
> I used to have the technical data on all of this, but it is now
> lost.  Dunno
> if it wasn't all hogwash anyway, but it made one feel he was using better
> material, and it had been tested for a 100 yr lifetime.
> I only make CD's on a standalone recorder.  I am extremely dubious about
> recording to cd at a faster than real-time speed, as I have heard many
> drops
> on recordings made this way.  It can happen on real-time recordings also,
> but is less likely.
> Marek mentioned having cd's go bad on him.  I would leap to suspect that
> they had been done on a computer at fast speeds.  I stick with my belief
> that it is a decent recording medium, and can be very trustworthy if it has
> been recorded properly & is later handled properly.
> Jim
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