[Dixielandjazz] FW: Hearing the music

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Sat Jun 19 03:38:48 PDT 2010

Pat wrote:
>Some of the trouble is that the sound reproduction they  (kids)  hear is
>Unfortunately, perhaps with the exception of the cinema (movies to you)
>they have nothing good to compare the sound with. They have been brought up
>on the sound from tinny transistor radio`s and in spite of good sound
>systems being available using i-pod type sources, they listen mainly
>through earphones or the built in speaker systems, which are awful.

I agree, accept they weren't even brought up on transistor radios, rather on
tape or cd walkmans, etc.  The problem is not the source of the music as
much as the earplugs they use.  Ipod is not great fidelity, even to begin
with, as it is compressed audio (less quality than cd), which is not a great
problem, really.  The earplugs are, though.
At least, as you say, there is exposure to good quality audio in film.  Over
70% of all box office film hits worldwide are mixed on the mixers that I
represent & sell in Spain to the film mixing studios (AMS Neve DFC Film
Mixing Console)!  Yes, the sound in film is generally good, especially when
real musicians are used.  The consoles begin at approx $300,000, and the
operators are real professionals handling up towards 1,000 channels of
audio.  Compare that to the way a lot of music is being recorded today...in
people's bedrooms!  Then, add in the earplugs instead of listening in a
cinema with a fantastic sound system!!

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