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Thu Jun 17 12:39:22 PDT 2010

I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to reply to this.  As a matter of fact, I
started two or three times and then just hit "discard"

Let me just keep it simple (remembering that I said earlier that today would
be facetious and tomorrow possibly sarcastic).......I don't want to jump the
gun cause then what would be left
for Friday?

You ramble on for four paragraphs denouncing listenership/fans and then in
the fifth paragraph say, "I'm not sure they are missing anything they need
to know"

Interesting that you should make reference to Don Quixote as I guess it
would not be unreasonable to compare your dissertation to "tilting at

I again remind anyone reading this that I am not a musician but just a guy
who has been listening to music for close to 70 years.  If I were indeed a
musician and possessed such a negative outlook toward the listenership out
there, I'm sure I would hang up my horn (and possibly consider slashing my

I thought Steve Barbone summed it up quite well when he made reference to
everyone's ears being different.  I interpreted this as "it was all in the
ear of the beholder".

Perhaps I didn't make it clear enough when I said "Check......and mate"
signifying that should have been the end of the game.

In the words of the late Howard Cosell, all this is anti-climatic


On 6/17/10, macjazz <macjazz at comcast.net> wrote:
> As the majority of participants on this list are musicians, we tend to
> address the problem of listenership/fans as a problem with the solos or the
> music played.
> I would suggest that rather the problem is with the listeners, particularly
> young listeners.
> They do not have the ears, the training, the background or the musical
> understanding to find any comprehension or communication in the music.  They
> have not had music in school.  They have not played instruments. They have
> not grown up with understanding or interest in what is being done. Above and
> beyond that, if it lasts more than a very few minutes (seconds?) they are
> not longer interested in paying any attention and would prefer to move ono
> to something (anything) else.
> They do not understand (nor do they wish to understand) music as melodic
> development nor have any comprehension of the skills that go into an
> improvised solo.  The same is true (and even more of a problem) with music
> based on counterpoint and improvised intragroup relationships.  It is all
> another language and that language is not one which they are willing to even
> hear, let alone comprehend.
> Interesting to me (as a retired educator) is the fact that I'm not sure
> they are missing anything they need to know other that it is one hell of a
> brilliant aestheic area when done even correctly, let alone well.  I can't
> read Don Quixote in the original Spanish (which my Spanish PhD wife tells me
> is a completely different experience) let alone the Picaresque and/or novels
> of the Spanish mystics that have never been translated.
> I also listen to my OKOM on LPs (many of which are 10") and not much on CDs
> or MP3s let alone as sound clips.  I must admit that even I don't go back to
> the original 78's.  Everything changes.
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