[Dixielandjazz] FW: Where did it go? & where's music going

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Thu Jun 17 10:28:41 PDT 2010

Harry wrote:
>But now, seeing it coming from a musician, I relate that to "straight from
the horse's mouth", which I find most encouraging.

People often say to me that they are enjoying the music, but don't
"understand it".  I tell them that I'm the one that has to understand it.
Their only job is to enjoy!

Harry continues:
>.... be thankful that we grew up in a time when music was really music and
not just the noise that this present generation must be subjected to.

There I must disagree with you Harry.  I work with all types of music in my
studio, and I have performed all types of music in live shows, and in
recordings.  There is some excellent music out there now, and while it might
not be to our particular liking (in style), there is normally some value
that can be attached to it.  In many cases, I am amazed at the quality of
the sound that is being recorded, but then that is coming from the ears of
an engineer.  Other times, I marvel at a particular instrument or voice.
There are some electric bass lines out there that are amazing, for example.

Granted, melody quite often takes a sideline to rhythm, which I too lament,
but understand where (as they say now) it's coming from.
Movement...dance...is where it's at in most of today's music.  And, of
course, in making the video that accompanies the song work.  And, that
brings up a completely new topic...hearing with your eyes, but I won't go
into that now.


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