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Other  examples are the many songs written over the exact same chord   
changes. Like those with Bill Bailey chord changes.
    When I solo on "Bill Bailey," I often  play the following, which 
usually gets smiles and laughter from a few musically  knowledgeable members of 
the audience:
    For the first 16 bars I play the  straight melody of "Hello, Young 
Lovers" -- a perfect fit, and a fitting tune to  play for Bill Bailey.  Then I 
finish the chorus by quoting the second half  of "Pennsylvania Polka," or 
phrases from "Struttin' with Some Barbeque," or  other familiar tunes.
    Try it -- you'll like  it.
    Many years ago, the Potomac River Jazz  Club (in Washington, DC) had a 
Sunday night program on a DC public access FM  station.  Several members 
took turns hosting the program.  One night  Dick Baker filled the entire hour 
and a half program with tunes having the same  chord structure as "Bill 
Bailey," an excellent tour de farce.
                                                                Al B

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