[Dixielandjazz] Re; Si To Vois Ma Mère

Gerard Bielderman gerard.bielderman at telfort.nl
Thu Jun 10 08:33:03 PDT 2010

Monty Sunshine of the Chris Barber Jazz Band recorded this tune (with g, b, 
d) for the first time in January 1959. It was obviously hoped to repeat the 
success of "Petite Fleur". In April Monty recorded the tune again, now with 
Chris Barber on trombone present. Both versions were released on singles.
In the USA Laurie Records issued the first version on a single and LP but an 
unknown piano player added his part. Laurie changed the title to "I remember 
By the way, I have heard that Sidney Bechet made up "Petite fleur" at the 
toilet and that he originally called it "Petite fleuve" (= small pee) but I 
don't guarantee that this story is true!

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