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Tue Jun 8 08:04:47 PDT 2010

Ken Colyer called it "controlled acceleration"... He did rush!!

Rick Campbell skrev:
> I've been interviewing musicians in the Portland area for the past 
> year, asking them for their thoughts on the phenomenon of the rushing 
> rhythm section. I would like to write an essay on some of the causes 
> and cures for this music problem, although I will probably alienate 
> many of my friends in the back line when I do so.
> Specifically I am interested in two types of rushing which I have 
> identified on OKOM bandstands, most often in pickup bands and jam 
> sessions, but sometimes in working professional bands, too:
> 1. A rather abrupt speeding up of the tune in the first few choruses. 
> An example would be counting off Ain't Misbehavin' at 108 MM (in 4) 
> and finding the rhythm section has taken it up to 126 MM, where it 
> more or less stays.
> 2. A gradual speeding up of a song from beginning to end. An example 
> would be counting off That's A Plenty at 120 MM (in 2) and watching 
> the tune nervously accelerate to 138 MM (or more) over a series of 
> choruses.
> I am not concerned with the occasional song which is counted off at a 
> "wrong" tempo. That is an issue with the band leader, and probably is 
> another subject.
> I welcome your thoughts and anedotes on the rushing challenge, and I 
> will give you attribution or keep you anonymous, as you wish.
> So far, the most common quote is I have received: “It wasn't me, it 
> was him!”
> So far, I have met only one musician, a successful solo female lounge 
> pianist, who said frankly,“Yes, I rush, and I know I do.”
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