[Dixielandjazz] Louis Nye's "Hipster at the Bank"?

Harry Callaghan meetmrcallaghan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 06:27:44 PDT 2010


I can not tolerate as an excuse you're being so far away as to why you
failed to identify the bank officer on Nye's "Hipster at the Bank"  That
just doesn't cut it. Bill Taggart is the one who transferred it to CD for me
and I never let it play beyond "Hipster" to see if he added the other 5
selections you mentioned.

There is another terrific comedy album by Pat Harrington Jr. and Bill Dana
what appear to be adlib skits depicting a great variety of situations.  I
believe that
on one of them Dana took on his trademark Jose Jimenez and maybe on two of
them Harrington was the Italian golf pro he created named Guido Panzini.

The best of the lot is a skit that has Dana as a dockside reporter
interviewing Harrington as first mate after the sinking of the Andrea Doria.

Each skit is introduced by Steve Allen and if the comedy material contained
doesn't get you, Allen's infectious laughing (and sometimes howling) in the
background is sure to do the trick.

I don't know when it was recorded but it is Signature LP #SM 1012.

Thanx as always for your input and I don't care about Barbone's one-eyed
remarks about you.  I think you're a bit of alright for a mouldy old fig.


On 6/8/10, Bill Haesler <bhaesler at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
> Harry Callaghan wrote [in part]:
> > Since I don't have the original, I have no idea who his straight man (the
> > bank officer) was but the voice is so familiar that I feel I should know
> who
> > it was.
> Dear Harry,
> It was a United Artists LP album (4089) 'Here's Nye In Your Eye' and
> included:
> •Hipster At The Bank
> •Emotional Newscaster
> •Army Sergeant
> •Meeting On Madison Avenue
> •The Choreographer
> and
> •Munich Music Lesson.
> As you will know, as you have a dubbed copy of the LP.
> The original LP album, was released in June 1961 about the time of the
> final "The Steve Allen Show" and when Louis Nye joined "The Ann Sothern
> Show" on CBS
> Nye's tenure with the Steve Allen Show also included regulars Don Knotts,
> Tom Poston, Bill Dana and Gabriel Dell.
> Perhaps it was Allen or one the show's popular comedians who took the
> straight part on that Nye LP.
> Sorry, that's the best I can do from this far away.
> Very kind regards,
> Bill.

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