[Dixielandjazz] Woody Allen - Part Two

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Sat Jun 5 10:42:39 PDT 2010

That's what he says and I understand that, but still, I  don't know him 
personally, never met the man nor he me and I have the right to  an opinion and 
I don't appreciate being called a liar from someone who  doesn't know me 
either. I did pay my fee and that does give me the right to walk  out which I 
did. I made my choice. I also said that all the other band members  were 
very good. One thing Woody does is surround himself with good musicians but  
that doesn't mean that Woody is one of them and it's too bad that one can't  
enjoy them, the rest of the band, with the sounds coming from his horn. I  
really tried to ignore Woody and listen to the rest of the band but it was 
just  to overwhelming. 
A fan, someone who paid a fee, has a right to their  opinion and it doesn't 
make any difference at all as to who they  are.
Most of us CA people have no idea who the NY ones are and visa  versa. 
Different styles, different sound and different names but I also don't  hear 
many here who think Woody is a great musician. Some feel what he does is  
promote OKOM. I agree to a point but I still have to think about those few in  
attendance who for the first time are listening to OKOM and walk away thinking 
 this is how it's supposed to sound and may never try listening again 
because of  what they heard.
Jazz Hugs
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Judie:  It's Eddy Davis.  He's in Woody's  band.

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