[Dixielandjazz] Woody Allen - Part Two

M J (Mike) Logsdon mjl at ix.netcom.com
Fri Jun 4 17:00:46 PDT 2010

I think I've mentioned my Woody view before, but as I like to see myself type, here it goes again.

Do I think Woody is good?  Yes.  Why?  Because he can play somewhat well.  I, as a non-musician, consider that a reasonable basis for being called at least "good".  Is he great?  I don't think so.  Other than sounding like Woody Allen playing George Lewis imitating Woody Allen, he doesn't have much to offer, musicianshiply.  Does he have a knack for both loving the music and marketing it, albeit to overpriced concerts?  Sure.  And if I had the money to do something similar, I would in a heartbeat.  It's true that musically it's his band, and not him, that constitutes "the band".  He's what constitutes himself, and that's what most of the tickets are bought for.  Has anyone ever asked if the very same concerts would be so popular if the exact same personnel were present, MINUS Woody?  I don't think, as a question, it need even be asked.

I do know I've said before that Woody is always, ALWAYS, viewed through the lens of his odd life.  And that's why I ask the questions I do about his music.  Because his music has nothing to do with who he marries.  And I always like to point out that if that's what hacks people off, look at how long they've been married.  I think they've been married longer than I was, which means he must be doing something right.

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